Minimal Houses are located in Kandounia region - Mykonos

The distance from Airport, Ports and Mykonos town is approximately 3-4.5 km. The distance to the nearest beaches is Panormos 3km and St. Sostis 4 km. St. Sostis is one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece and voted in the top ten of Greece. The region does not have public transport as yet, guest will need to have some means of transport to access the Minimal Houses.
Distances - Minimal Houses


  • Town of Mykonos 3 km
  • Tourlos Port 3 km
  • Airport 4,5 km
  • Panarmos beach 3 km
  • St. Sostis beach 4 km
  • Windmills 3,5 km

Our neighbourhood

Mykonos from way above! One way to live it, away from the hustle of it’s summer roads, it’s tireless cosmopolitan rhythm but also close to everything if need be. Minimal houses are located on the outskirts of St. Elias, the highest peak on the island. The area is perfect for exploring and hiking. The known barren landscape hides many surprises regarding the fauna in the area.

At Minimal Houses the Guests will be able to experience the sounds of silence. If it blows, the wind will be the ideal partner. Star gazing is a highlight at night time, one can distinguish the complete patterns of the stars. Perfect way to end your evening and experience ultimate relaxation. Experience the awakening and feel at home. Surrounded by beauty and simplicity. By staying at “minimal houses” one views the other side of Mykonos. Unknown to many, known to its friends from the past. It is ideal accommodation for total relaxation, quietness and serenity.