Mykonos lighthouse

The lighthouse of Armenistis is one of the few octagonal in Greece and is one of the most interesting lighthouses in the Cyclades. Perched spectacularly above the sea with a fine view of Tínos, this lighthouse is a popular tourist attraction. Located on the northwestern tip of Míkonos, about 6 km north of Mykonos Chora and it’s accessible by road. You can get there by following the sings to Fanari .
Lighthouse Armenistis was manufactured in 1891. The altitude of tower is 19 metres and the height of focal plane is 184 metres. In 1887, just before its construction, the English steamboat Volta sank off the northern coast of the island and 11 members of its crew lost their lives. This led to the construction of the lighthouse on the cape of Armenistis. It operated using a mechanism of the Sauter Lemonier Company until 1983 when it became automatic. The mechanism of first lamp of “Armenistis” is exposed in the garden of Aegean Naval Museum that is located in a traditional building of 19th century, in centre of Mykonos, near to place Three Wells (Tria Pigadia). So today, the lighthouse Armenistis works automatically like all the lighthouses in the Aegean. But the beauty remains untouched by the passage of time. Especially, when the Cycladic winds are blowing, and the waves beating the rocks where the lighthouse stands, the scene is cinematic. Spend an evening there and watch the sunset, one of the most beautiful in Greece. Take a dip in the Aegean as the sun disappears into the sea – it will be a moment you’ll never forget!
Mykonos lighthouse1
Mykonos lighthouse2